Monday, January 20, 2014

Warning about aka archergames

Here is a real life warning about buing virtual producs (for example Minecraft servers).

I bought an expensive license for my son to (archergames). Purchase was made with PayPal, which I still trust at this point of case.

Just in two days, the eyeofender banned my son's account based on false accusition made by an other player. No warning and life time lisence was lost.

However, the admin offered my son a change to buy license again. I don't know much about Minecraft, but I do know a lot about blackmail and scam sites. So it was obvious, not to loose any more money. There were no quarantee about getting the ban again even in same day and more money would be lost.

Same day I contacted sites customer support email ( and two days later, without getting an answer. After that I made a claim through PayPal and now I'm waiting and hoping to get my money back.


I have been a PayPal customer over seven years without problems this far. I have also bought many Minecraft licenses on different servers before this, without problems. After 10 years online shopping, this is the first warning I write.

If there is no trust in online shopping, it will be in problem immediately. Buyer on the other side of the World cannot really know, if the seller can be trusted. The trust can be brought by third parties like PayPal, Visa etc. With this, buyer does not have to trust on seller, it is enough, that there is trust on PayPal.

So I'm pretty sure, that if I cannot solve this case, PayPal can.


  1. hello, ask your son to make a ban appeal on the forums, a mod will look at it and unban him depending on proof

  2. Paypal returned me my money. Seller did not even bother to comment at any point.